What Is the Definition of the Word Staking

Fedora slowly walked through the rooms, leaning forward and pulling out a golden plaque here and there. In the Middle Ages, people played by placing their bets on poles or wooden bets. Eventually, the bets themselves became known as bets. Today, you can use the word as a verb to describe any risky venture — for example, « Geoffrey put his reputation as a sandwich maker on a six-foot-tall hero with salami and cucumbers. » A bet can also be an investment. When you say that « Bill has an interest in the company, » it means that he is a shareholder. They have to swing from one foot to the other to prevent them from making their claim. Staking plots of land on the tidal plains at night, when the tide was low, seemed like a basic food industry. He took a position at the end of the table closest to the door and apparently watched the game before staking. Nevertheless, as with any gold rush, many investors give up their debt. While Mason is optimistic that the parties will reach an agreement, he spoke to the court wednesday to warn them of what was at stake if they didn`t. He didn`t bet large sums of money, but he lost about three times out of four that he put his money aside. The Russians and Canadians have been the most aggressive in enforcing their claims, often with competing scientific data.

And you know that the father is not able to oppose half or even two-thirds of his little one to a proposal in which he believes. With nuclear-powered fighter jets, bombers and icebreakers, Vladimir Putin`s regime is asserting its claim to the Arctic. Reince threatens to do so, and he is in favour of it, and he puts his presidency into it. So the stakes are clear and we give the Seahawks the lead with a 58% chance of winning. A pole is a wooden stick that is sharpened at one end and used to mark property boundaries (or kill a vampire). Middle English, from Old English staca; Similar to the low German middle stake stick and perhaps the Latin Tignum beam With tens of billions of dollars at stake each year, this ambiguity sparked a wave of lobbying when the Treasury Department drafted regulations. As someone who had giardia and norovirus and picked up something in Peru 15 years ago that may still be lying around in my gut, I can tell you that the stakes are high. before 12.

As part of the deal, Verizon will acquire a minority stake in BuzzFeed, which will use the telecom giant`s advertising platform to reach more customers. .