What Is an Adobe Vip Agreement

5.5 General. The parties are independent contractors, and this Agreement shall not be construed as implying that either party is the agent or partner of the other party. Member may not assign this Agreement (automatically or otherwise) without Adobe`s prior written consent, and any prohibited assignment will be null and void. Adobe may, in its sole discretion, assign or renew this Agreement without the Prior Written Consent of the Member. This Agreement binds and benefits all permitted successors or assigns. No change is valid or binding unless it is made in writing. This Agreement (including the Program Guide, the applicable Terms of Use, and any online attachments or identifiers, if any) constitutes the entire agreement between the parties regarding the subject matter of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. With VIP, you can purchase and manage all of your Adobe subscription licenses in one place as part of a license agreement with a commitment of only 12 months. And with VIP Select, you can maximize your savings by combining all your Acrobat DC and Creative Cloud purchases for higher volume discounts. 1.1 General duration and duration of the program. The VIP program is a flexible licensing program that allows qualified and eligible customers to manage and deploy licenses of products purchased through the program.

The VIP Program is a membership program with license subscription periods as further defined in Section 3.4 of this Agreement. Once the Organization has registered for membership through the VIP admin interface and has been accepted into the Program by Adobe, the Organization will become a member of the Program (« Member ») until (a) Adobe terminates the Program and (b) this Agreement is terminated. Member participation is also subject to the terms and conditions of the Program Guide, which may be updated from time to time and is available at www.adobe.com/go/vip_program_guide_en (« Program Guide »). The Program Guide is incorporated by reference into the Agreement. Adobe may change the terms of the Program in its sole discretion. If the Program Terms change, the Member may need to re-accept the Program Terms in the console. 5.6 Services. The Product may be integrated into a variety of services operated by Adobe or by third parties that may contain user-generated content that (a) may not be suitable for minors and (b) may be illegal in certain countries; or (c) are not suitable for viewing at work. A full list of integrated services can be found here: www.adobe.com/go/integratedservices.

If the Member wishes to prevent the display or access to the Services of user-generated content, it may (i) disable access to the Service in Creative Cloud Packager where this functionality is provided, or (ii) block access to the Services through its network firewall. The Services are in no way available to Users under the age of thirteen (13). Adobe is not responsible for any User Generated Content available through the Services. The Member is responsible for determining whether the use of the Services complies with the applicable laws in his jurisdiction. Member is not entitled to a refund, and Adobe will not be liable if access to the Services is slowed down or blocked as a result of any action by the government or service provider, or (ii) if Adobe deems it necessary to block access to all or part of the Services. 5.3 Use of Information. Adobe may use member or affiliate information, including name and contact information, to fulfill its obligations under the Agreement. For more information, see the Adobe Privacy Center (adobe.com/privacy). 2.2 Console. The user interface of the program management is the « Admin Console ». Once the terms of this Agreement have been accepted, the person accepting on behalf of the organization will be designated as the owner of the contract.

The contract owner can add system administrators (each an « administrator »). The contract holder and each administrator have access to the Admin Console, where they can access the product, manage their subscriptions, and view their account information. The Admin Console allows the administrator to invite additional users within their organization to access the Admin Console. The Member authorizes any Administrator or Contract Holder to act on behalf of the Member. Government….